Is it wise to let AI write your marketing content?

AI, or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is becoming a hot topic amongst the world of marketing. With the rise of ChatGPT from OpenAI, it is becoming increasingly popular for AI to be implemented into the content creation process for agencies and businesses. 

It’s now common practice for companies to include “Written by a human” or “Written by AI” on their web pages and content. Have you ever wondered about the benefits and drawbacks of AI in a business environment? 

AI is also being implemented into wider industries such as healthcare, web development and sports, and presents a lot of opportunities for business and organisations take advantage of. 

In this blog we touch on what AI actually is in marketing, and how you could go about implementing AI into your marketing plan for 2023. 

What exactly is AI?

The official definition of Artificial Intelligence is :

intelligence-perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by non-human animals and humans.”

In layman’s terms this means that human intelligence and learning can be placed into machines/robots. This learning is then built upon and acted out for us to benefit from.

We then use the output results for our own gain or expand on them ourselves. The cycle then continues until a satisfactory outcome is achieved. 

In the world of AI, currently there are 4 different categories, they are: 

  • Reactive machines
  • Limited memory
  • Theory of mind
  • Self aware AI

How is AI being used in marketing?

AI is being used in marketing and has kicked up a storm on social media sites like LinkedIn and streaming sites such as YouTube. Content creators on these platforms are showing users how to make use of AI, specifically ChatGPT.

If you are a smaller agency or a single-person organisation and you want to get work completed in a quicker, more cost-effective time frame, then AI could be for you.

By simply inputting a general description of the sort of content you are needing, ChatGPT goes ahead and responds back with their idea of what you are after.

We will show you some examples of what people have used in the past.


This 1st example above is showing an introduction of an article that talks about what ChatGPT is used for.

Despite being written by a robot, the end result has a human-like tone and features little to no grammatical errors.


Our second example as seen above is showcasing ChatGPT and its ability to write computer code. 

What’s impressive with this example is the inclusion specific industry jargon entered into the request, which has then been understood by ChatGPT.

The response is also well thought out and structured, giving the user reasoning behind their conclusion, rather than just giving the answer. 

If you were to have any worries about ChatGPT and its value, we feel these 2 examples above can ease them. 

What are the general arguments for AI in marketing?

It’s best to weigh the pros and cons of a new strategy or approach before fully implementing it. It can be a costly mistake if you do not consider drawbacks which can cause problems further down the line.

Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when using AI for content creation and marketing efforts in 2023:

Benefits of AI in Marketing

  • It can be highly effective at completing Repetitive tasks. If someone has lots of repetitive work to complete, they can sometimes lose interest which can cause unnecessary mistakes. AI will never get bored or tired, and can easily complete large amounts of repetitive tasks with ease.

  • Can be used 24/7 at any time of day, no matter the timezone. This works perfectly when you have an overseas client, or want to run tasks while the office is closed so they are ready for the next day.

  • Decisions can be made quicly when using AI. Often when you are in a meeting and have come to a decision, there needs to be others adding their thoughts to reach a conclusion. AI on the other hand can present an answer in a more timely manner. 

Drawbacks of AI in Marketing

  • For article writing you may need to go through and cite/reference points. 

  • Certain parts of the English language are not utilised properly through AI. Makes it easy if implemented often for human’s to notice the machine at work. 

  • It can at times give out generally formal responses. If you are using AI for something like a social media campaign, it can be tough for AI to ensure posts come off as fairly informal and laidback, whilst still addressing points/intent in a coherent manner. 

  • The more popular AI becomes, the more risk there is of business, websites and customers noticing its patterns and styles, which could put them off. Sometimes people simply prefer the human touch when it comes to content and marketing. 

  • There can be a risk of repetitiveness and duplicate continent, if many people are using it to cover the same topics.

So, should you implement AI into your strategy? 

If this is the first time you have heard of Artificial Intelligence in a business setting, then we recommend researching thoroughly on the benefits it can bring, particularly for the purpose you’re looking to use it for.

It has become a hot talking point on the web, with many organisations already benefiting massively from it, carrying out trials and tests to see how it could perform for them.

As a digital marketing agency, we believe in fully exploring all new technology that can benefit what we deliver for our clients and how we can deliver it. We will be putting AI through its paces to see what it can offer, and how it can benefit the services we provide. To keep up to date about how we are considering implementing AI into our marketing strategies, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, where we’ll be posting our progress.

If you are looking to elevate your business’s online presence, why not book a quick chat with one of our marketing experts today?

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