A Living Digital Furniture Experience for Furl


Morf Configurator, Image Rendering


The Challenge

With such an extensive number of product combinations across furniture, it had been almost impossible to show them all to a potential customer online. A single piece of furniture with just 10 colours, 4 fabrics, 5 sizes and 3 designs can easily have over 600 combinations that a standard ecommerce website would struggle to present, and would be costly and intricate to shoot and offer.

For customers to buy and invest in a product, they need to visualise it, to feel how it would look in their own space, to be trusting and comfortable that it would be the perfect fit for them – and to be able to tailor it to their liking to secure the sale.


The Strategy

We needed a solution to deliver all of this; product combinations, varied placement, high resolution imagery, multiple angles and backgrounds, simple to use interface, light bandwidth, full device compatibility and more.

Our skilled team of engineers brought over 100 years of combined experience in developing online solutions and worked up multiple prototypes of our Morf configurator system before finalising the end product for client release, following 3 months of intensive testing. We brought the showroom to our customers and living furniture to their web browser.

Morf presents products in an up-to-date, intuitive and interactive fashion that lets furniture shine in the online world. It allows users to select preferred materials, shapes, sizes, and verify an up-to-date 3D product model on a webpage, a mobile device, or in an actual environment with Augmented Reality (AR). The final experience has lifted furniture shopping to a whole new level.


The Result


Reduction in bounce rate


CGI rendered


Increase in conversion

Our first client site launched with Morf in early 2023, working with Furl to sell their bed range online and the results were instantly captivating. Customers invested time in configuring, sharing and tweaking their potential purchases like never before.

Along with merchandising, configuring and selling, Furl found it helped to manage inventory, speed up sales cycles, and reduce return rates as customers invested more time in their furniture before converting.

The data provided from Morf has been invaluable too, seeing what customers are buying, what combinations are being tested, tried and abandoned, and sold well has helped Furl design future ranges and streamline inventory to save money and materials, while boosting conversion rates, time online and customer loyalty.

With recent developments in AI, we felt it was key to leverage the opportunities it can bring into the world of high value products, as these can be tough to convert online. In staying ahead of the market, we will be developing Morf into VR in the future, and have no doubt there will come a time where virtual online shopping will be akin to visiting a shop in person.

The Result

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